Starting between ages 10-20, the body's somatotropin levels start to decline, and once we reach age 30, the somatotropin level will reduce at an average of 14% per decade.

Starting between ages 10-20, the body's somatotropin levels start to decline, and once we reach age 30, the somatotropin level will reduce at an average of 14% per decade.

The Aging Process, it seems inevitable, or is it? As we grow older, the process of aging exacts a noticeable toll.....
a reduction in energy and hormonal levels;
increase in sags, wrinkles, and skin spots;
reduced muscle tone and bone mass;
declining mental alertness and acuity;
thinning or loss of hair;
a noticeable decrease in vision and perception..
These are just a few of the gradual aging effects that happen to us all. The pristine tone and texture of our skin slowly gives way to the ramshackle state of time.
Strangely, perhaps not coincidentally, the aging process is accompanied by a significant decrease in the body''s overall hormonal output. Hormones are the foot soldiers that carry our brain''s commands via the bloodstream to other parts of the body, such as cells, organs, and glands. These little messengers, hormones, initiate or terminate physiological activity within those cells, glands, and organs. Of all the hormones produced by the Endocrine System, Somatotropin (aka "growth hormone") is one of the most abundant.
In recent years, only the rich could afford the $1,000 to $2,000 per month injections of HGH to offset the effects of aging! Neways has taken a huge step in bringing biologically activated somatotropin to the main-stream consumer. Newly introduced BioGevity is not a precursor (most "HGH" products on the market today are precursors, and their manufactures mistakenly refer to them as HGH, when in reality they are precursors to somatotropin). BioGevity is not a stimulant, homeopathic, or secretagogue. BioGevity is biologically activated somatotropin encapsulated in a macro-molecular structure designed to facilitate delivery of large molecular weight proteins via oral spray.
In fact, when recent clinical studies were completed using the macro-molectular structure, it lowered cholesterol in 9 out of 10 test subjects by an average of 11%, and lowered triglyceride levels by an average of 29% in 8 out of 10 cases.
By combining this technology with the active ingredient in BioGevity, Neways has produced a safe, effective somatotropin dietary supplement that achieves maximum results.
Safe and Effective Natural Hormone Supplement
BioGevity is a micro-dilution oral spray designed to work with the body''s own secretions of somatotropin. Unlike high concentrations of GH injections, BioGevity is not excessive. It''s a safe and effective supplement intended to gently influence a physiological balance rather than force an unnatural temporary stimuli that cannot be sustained by the body.
In conclusion, BioGevity is inexpensive, easy-to-use, taste-free, pain-free, with no ill side effects when used as directed.
BioGevity may be the missing link in weight management and the quest to find a way to slow the aging process.
Dramatic Reduction in the appearance of Fat and Cellulite!
Promotes Lean Body Tissue
Enhances the Feeling of Virility
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