The Anti-inflammatory diet is a blueprint

The Anti-inflammatory diet is a blueprint

The Anti-inflammatory diet is a blueprint of optimum nutrition. This diet isn''t really a weight loss program, although you can lose weigh after chancing your eating pattern, but a lifestyle in which you eat with the purpose of helping your body maintain optimum health.

Chronic inflammation of the body functions may be the root to heart diseases, cancer, Parkinson''s, Alzheimer, age-related disorders and autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, lupus.

What to eat ?


The best protein intake for an anti inflammatory diet can be found in lean poultry, fish and seafood. Also walnuts, almonds, pecans and soy beans are a great proteins source.

Fruits and vegetables
Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are the best. In ideal situations experts recommend to eat up to 5 portions each day. Berries, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, broccoli are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

The consumption of monounsaturated fatty is recommended. You can add to your meal canola oil, pumpkin oil, nuts, avocado, olive oil and omega 3 fatty acids found in seafood, fish.

Beverages Your body needs water. No matter if you drink it tap, sparking or bottled, the daily intake should be of 2 liters. You can also drink milk, herbal tea and freshly squeezed fruit juice.

What to avoid ?

Eating high glycemic foods such as white bread, snacks (chips and pretzels), sugar and highly processed food may increase the process of inflammation in your body.
Reduce the intake of pasta, red meat, high-fat meat bacon, sausages) and white bread.
Eliminate pastry, snacks, candy, sweetened cereals and sugary sodas.

Exercise, exercise, exercise

Sure, by doing some exercise you will look good, but what you don''t know is that your body will respond better to those unhealthy cravings. On the anti-inflammatory diet you must respect the guidelines, but also remember that context is important. Just imagine:

Situation 1:
A person goes to the gym and after the fitness practice she/he will eat white potatoes. These will go straight to the insulin-sensitive muscles providing extra energy with no inflammation risk.
Situation 2: Another person who is a couch potatoes and will eat the same meal has a chance to develop metabolic syndrome that leads to inflammation.

It''s all in the context and you really must exercise for your body to function at it''s best !

The anti-inflammatory diet is no more that a healthy eating pattern that can protect you from chronic diseases. Enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, think positive and do some physical activities - this is the key not only to avoid inflammation, but also to an organized life.