Atacand Side Effects

Atacand Side Effects

Atacand is a medication mainly used in patients to treat heart failure. The drug can effectively lower the high blood pressure in patients. The drug has its own list of mild to severe side effects. The medication can effectively treat severe cases of heart failures yet the atacand side effects can complicate things a bit. The medication is either administered alone for treatment or it is given along with other medicines. It also helps in lowering of high blood pressure.

There are certain precautions to be taken while the dose is being administered as it may not be suitable for all patients even if they have more or less the same problems. Some people can develop allergy to it and their body can react to it and this would inevitably lead to a new set of symptoms.

Pregnant woman should beware of this drug

The drug belongs to the class of drugs called angiotensin II receptor blocker and works by relaxing the blood vessels. By engaging in this activity it helps the flow of blood through the blood vessels more smoothly and thereby lowering the blood pressure.

In the case of pregnant woman the drug can cause harm to the unborn child. Again, the woman who breast feed her child should not take it as there is danger of the drug to pass through the breast milk of the mother.

Atacand side effects can be avoided if the doctor is frankly told whether the mother plans to become pregnant, is already pregnant or is breast feeding her child. Those people who have a history of diseases or are going to have an operation including a dental one should convey the same to the doctor. In most such cases the doctor would carry out the regular check ups and disallow the drug.

Lowering BP with the help of Atacand

If the patient is suffering from high blood pressure then the medication is perhaps one of the best available in the market to give him or her immediate relief. The medication goes into action by relaxing the blood vessels which in turn lowers the blood pressure. However, in case of allergy to this medication the doctor would stop the drug and prescribe another.

Atacand - The Drug

Atacand side effects can be disastrous for those persons who have a history of low blood pressure. As the medication lowers the blood pressure for people who already suffer from low blood pressure this could be double disaster and lead to serious case of hospitalization. Again, persons with high blood potassium levels in their body, low blood sodium levels and are on a low salt diet should avoid taking the medication.

The medicine should be taken by mouth with or without food and the patient should ensure that he or she always take the medicine regularly. If the schedule as given by the doctor is followed without missing a dose then it gives the best benefit to the patients. The person should continue taking the medicine even if he or she feels well. Sudden stopping the medication can also lead to severe symptoms.

Diabetic patients are not asked to take this drug and so also persons with heart problems and those who are undergoing dialysis. In woman who is pregnant the doctors should watch out for those who are in their second or third semester as this could harm the child.

People under the medication of atacand should avoid dehydrating conditions as this may make the conditions worse. Further, the person should avoid hot rays of the sun or allow his or her body to get heated suddenly. The elderly people have been found to be more sensitive to it and hence their dosage may vary from that of an ordinary adult.

Atacand Side Effects

If you would have read my previous post on amlodipine side effects or amlodipine besylate side effects, you would probably agree that he side effects associated with this mediation are several and delicate, giving rise to several threatening symptoms in the person. The effectiveness of Atacand is not confirmed in children and hence it should not be given to them as then the side effects may be more.

Atacand Side Effects

Some persons have reported having had the trouble like the back pain, dizziness and infections in the respiratory parts. Rash, hives, breathing difficulty, tightness of the chest and swelling of the hand, mouth, lips and other places can be serious if these symptoms are not treated. The doctor while treating these side effects with other medicines may for the time being stop the use of atacand.

Sometimes, there can be problem with the passing of urine although you may feel like it. Then in some cases there can be changes in the quantity of urine produced followed by chest pain, dark urine and having difficulty of swallowing. Then in such cases the doctor might suggest a list of routine tests to ascertain the patient’s body and present condition. If need be he or she might suggest a change in the doses. There can be attacand side effects if the patient feels continuous throat pain or has vomiting or chills.

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