Why not both? (Love to lift and run? me too.)

Why not both? (Love to lift and run? me too.)


Yesterday, I was in the weight room, talking with a couple of the gym’s trainers. I just wanted to see how much one of the small bars weighed, and a trainer asked me what exercise I was doing, I told him that I was doing bicep curls, and he jokingly said “No Clean with overhead press?!”


This is where it all started. The simple conversation that changed it all. It made me realize how much I missed Crossfit. It made me miss being able to bench more than my bodyweight. Most of all, it made me miss leg day. (Silly, I know)

leg day
I miss this

I love crossfit, but I cannot do that if I am constantly running. “What do I do?” I ask God.

“Do what makes you happy.” He tells me.

“That was too vague. I like both! How can you do that to me?!?!” When suddenly a common commercial popped up in my head.

Why not both?
How right you are, little Mexican girl, how right you are.

Here is the plan. . .

I love to run, so why not fit one in whenever I can? If I run in the mornings (Because I love to do so), then I can easily lift in the evenings! This means I will be cutting my miles in half after my race, but that is okay! I just like to run. It doesn’t matter how far. I just like to run. If I feel like training for a half marathon again after this one, so be it! If I just want to lift. . . SO BE IT.

I have limited myself to one or the other for the sole purpose of being awesome at one or the other. I don’t have to be! I never plan on becoming elite in either one of these things! I just like to be fit!

This is how I feel right now

So why don’t you join me on my journey to fitness exploration? After all, my number one reason to live is Jesus, so why am I getting caught up in myself and the competitive world? It is silly.

So true this is

1 John 2:17 – “The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”

What do you prefer? Lifting? Running? Crossfit? Other? Why?