Gluten-Free Guide To Health » 2009 » September

Gluten-Free Guide To Health » 2009 » September

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Gluten Free Culinary Summit in Denver!

This event is this weekend and sounds like heaven!

I will give you an update with new recipes and any new GF information!

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Appetite For Awareness-Gluten Free Chefs and Doctors:

This event sounds amazing!  I will not be attending but would love to re-create this event in Boulder, CO.  This town is very progressive and the majority of restaurants  already have gluten free options! The wait staff are pretty well educated in the cross contamination arena.

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Enter the world of a gluten-free fanatic! I will be blogging about celiac disease, integrative medicine, food, and lots of cooking! Nutrition and supplements are part of my daily regimen. Lets explore spices and recipes together!

Finding the right balance of health and wellness and keeping up with the latest research is my forte. I know you have questions about celiac and what gluten free living really means, right? I’ve been there, a few years ago, I suffered from severe anemia, vitamin deficiencies, joint and muscle pain.  Today, I’m totally gluten free and I feel great! Being gluten free is one of the best things I discovered after doing a gene test despite what my specialist told me.

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